Update: 11th October 2020

The following is an email sent to all WoSFL member clubs at 7.24pm on the evening of 11th October 2020 by Kennie Young, Secretary of the Interim Management Group.

To All Clubs,

Following Friday’s Ballot, 14 clubs intimated that they wished to withdraw from participating in Season 2020-21.

As Secretary of the Interim Management Group of the WoSFL, I wrote to those 14 clubs to ask if they would confirm in writing their club’s withdrawal.

All 14 clubs replied. Eight clubs have confirmed that they will not compete in this season’s League Competition. The other six have confirmed that they will participate.

I’d like to thank those clubs for their deliberations in this difficult situation and that we, as the IMG, recognise that they have not taken any decision lightly, but they have done so with their clubs’ best interests at heart.

The IMG are in constant dialogue and are trying to address the mountain of messages we have received.

Hopefully we will have answers soon.

I’d also like to add a reminder for you.

The Soccer Shop Challenge Cup is not a WoSFL Competition, so if any club wishes to withdraw from that competition (including the eight that have withdrawn from the WoSFL) they should do so by 17th October by writing to Richard Osborne [email redacted] to inform him of their withdrawal.

I would also like this information purely to assist me with fixture compilation.

Again we ask you for your patience on this.


Kennie Young
WoSFL Interim Management Group