South Challenge Region Cup announces new sponsor partners


Teams in the East of Scotland, South of Scotland, West of Scotland & Scottish Lowland Leagues are gaining financial support through five new sponsorship partners for the 2021-22 Cup.

With the fifth round underway, the South Challenge Region Cup announced brilliant news. The Cup, and its teams, will benefit from five huge sponsorships from Scottish based companies. With the past year being financially challenging for the South Challenge Region Cup and the teams, the new cash from these key sponsors will help further fortify Scottish Non-League football.

Richard Osborne, the Cup Competition Secretary, had this to say in response to the newfound relationships with new, leading Scottish businesses:”It was a pleasure to arrange sponsors from Scottish, grass-roots companies for the cup this year”, said Osbourne.”It is an honour to accept their sponsorship, and their support for the cup as well as all its teams is greatly appreciated.”

The South Challenge Cup is now in its 15th season, and this newest season has seen an expansion of the teams competing; 20 New teams have joined from both the East of Scotland Football League and the West of Scotland Football League. This brings the total number of competing teams up to a staggering figure of 162.

Trade Radiators was the first company to step up and offer their support in leading the way for funding non league Scottish football. Nic Auckland, the man behind the heating supply giant, said: “We’re delighted to be sponsoring the Cup and to show our commitment to local football. “Sport brings people together from all backgrounds and abilities and is a vital part of our national heritage.”

This first sponsorship was quickly reinforced by funding from Glasgow-based digital marketing agency, Boyd Digital. The agency’s managing director Grant Ruxton, a huge fan of football, elaborated on their support of the Cup: “We are delighted to offer our sponsorship to the Cup. It is brilliant to see more teams than ever before joining in. I think it is going to be an exciting year for the cup and all the teams involved.”

Looking back at the previous seasons, it looks like these new teams may have their work cut out. Past champions such as Dunipace, East Kilbride FC, and Civil Service Strollers are all out to clinch another win. However, it seems the prospects of a sensational 2022-23 season has inspired more companies to provide their support.

A custom clothing company from Ardrossan, Club Snoods, have also offered their support to the Cup. The company is dedicated to supporting not just the fans – with custom football snoods – but the non league teams.

After gaining traction from a host of sponsors so far, another huge sponsor came through for the South Region Challenge Cup in the form of Edinburgh company JB Contract Joiners. They’re a hard-working group of tradespeople who are known for their friendliness and expertise, not to mention their involvement in community efforts.

The final sponsor to join in and help fund this season’s South Region Challenge Cup was Masterplan Business Solutions. The bookkeeping firm from Stevenson now not only focuses on helping Scottish businesses but also non league football.

With the sponsors lined up and their additional funding secured for the current edition of the Cup, all that’s left to do is look forward to the matches still to kick off:

  • Jeanfield Swifts VS Darvel (12th March 14:30)
  • Linlithgow Rose VS Sauchie Juniors (22nd March, 19:45)
  • Bo’Ness United VS Petershill (23rd March, 19:45)