Restart Update (8th July)

The Lowland/East/South/West Pyramid Restart group had its first online meeting last week.

The meeting was very worthwhile and progress has been made in our joint preparations for the expected restart of training and playing. The headlines are:  

Training and Playing

We are hoping to restart training in August and playing from last Saturday in September or first Saturday in October. These are only indicative dates for now, they will be confirmed or otherwise in line with Scottish Government/ Scottish FA instructions. You will hear as soon as we have anything definite to tell you.  


Outline plans are being drawn up and all Clubs will be asked to complete a Facility Survey to inform the schedule and capacity number for spectators, if and when these are allowed at games. We expect the survey to be ready by next weekend.  


These are being worked on for both training and playing and will be modified as the lockdown phases progress. They will be available as restrictions are modified, based on the information we receive.  

Scottish Football Association

We have been in discussions and expressed our disappointment at the lack of information and practical support, including finance, for our semi-professional level of the game.  We have a meeting scheduled with the Scottish FA and will keep you posted on the outcome of those discussions.

What Happens Right Now?

In the meantime, all clubs will continue to observe Scottish Government guidelines which means no training or matches can take place until formally advised.

To do otherwise would be illegal, contravene a Scottish FA Board directive, not be covered by insurance and could result in disciplinary action, and result in the restart at semi-professional level being further delayed.