Restart Update (27th August)

A productive and informative meeting was held on Tuesday morning between the Scottish FA, SLFL, SHFL, EoSFL, SoSFL, WoSFL and Affiliated National Associations.

Clubs have been reminded of the importance of the new Covid Officer role and the need to maintain the basic hygiene rules which are still 100% in place.

The indicative date for a decision on “local” friendlies is 11th September, with effective date of 14th September. All friendly game requests must be approved by relevant organisation prior to taking place. Guidelines in respect of what “local” means will be issued shortly.

We are now in process of agreeing the match day protocols around these games. Once agreed they will be issued to explain the detail and the absolute necessity to follow these to the letter.

There will be a validation process – basically clubs will need to be approved to play these games. There are major issues around the use of changing rooms and the question of spectators has still to be addressed.

We have also agreed a provisional start date for competitive matches of 10th October and fixtures will now be compiled. As ever this is subject to any changes in the overall picture.

However , the main message from the meeting is to remind everyone that we are in first instance dealing with a public health issue, with legal ramifications and then mandatory football protocols, all of which need to be followed.

We can get our game back, which will be very different, at least in the short term, and we all need to work together to achieve this.

Pyramid Restart Group