Restart Update (11th July)

We are pleased to be able to bring you a further update with regard to West of Scotland Football League clubs resuming training.

The link below connects you to the Scottish FA Phase 3 guidelines for Adult Football (18 + Years Old), which applies to our Clubs. Whilst most welcome, this does not mean simply restarting training from Monday 13 July. There are numerous protocols in the guidelines that must be in place before any return to training.  


Firstly,  where Personal Accident Insurance cover is not in place, training cannot restart. Also, each WoSFL Club will need to ensure the facility that they use, particularly if it is not their own, meets all the requirements laid out in the document.

Like yourselves, we have only just seen the update and we will communicate further with Clubs on Monday to give the information we require. We must all work together on this to keep everyone safe.

Bottom line, we are now seeing some real progress. All going well, we will aim for a restart from Monday 20th July for those Clubs that have confirmed and provided evidence that they have all the relevant safety protocols in place. 

Pyramid Restart Group