Tier 7 Conference Update (4th May 2020)

I am delighted to be able to share with you what our Conference set up will be for the first season of the West of Scotland Football League.

This has been created by using seedings from final West Region Junior FA standings and by ballot for Drumchapel United, Glasgow University and St Cadoc’s. That way the numbers decide for the 44 teams and the live ballot you may have seen earlier completes the process.   

We feel we have achieved fair and balanced Conferences and can only hope we get as much of a season as is possible under current circumstances.

I know you are all keen to get back to playing football, rather than just talking about it; me too.

This is an exciting time for all our Clubs and we still have many aspects to work out. We will get to them in due course.

Each conference is outlined below. One thing that has been settled is that the winners of each Conference will be promoted to the top division for season two.

Dave McKenna
West of Scotland FA

Conference A

Conference B

Conference C

Conferences Update

We have had many questions since our launch about the makeup of the league and how the divisions will be made up following the acceptance of 67 teams to the West of Scotland League.

This will be a major topic of discussions at a series of video conferences taking place at the end of month. Before making any firm decisions on the structure of the West of Scotland Football League we want to hear what our Clubs think.

Welcome to the West

All 68 applications to join the new league have been reviewed and we are delighted to confirm that 67 have been approved.

These are the 63 Clubs currently members of the WRJFA,  Bonnyton Thistle, Glasgow University,  St Cadocs YC and Drumchapel United. One application fell well short of the minimum standards required.

Some Clubs have been asked for further information, mainly surrounding confirmation of use where the Club does not own the registered ground. All of the 67 applications will now move to the next step.

A letter of acceptance will be issued to all 67 Clubs, highlighting the rights and responsibilities of joining the WoSFL.  A deadline for completion will be set, 7 days from date of issue. At the same time plans are being put in place to hold a series of video conferences in week commencing 27 April.

The SLFL Board has been delighted with the support of both EoSFL and SoSFL in getting this process to where it is. Both of those Leagues are content to have the interim management of the league led by the Board of the Scottish Lowland League; more information on that will be available in due course. The interim arrangements will build on what has been achieved to date and will start discussions on the process and timetable for the creation of a permanent WoSFL Board and administration.

This is an exciting time for football in the West of Scotland and the pyramid in general. Already several Clubs have made positive suggestions such as how the league might be developed.  All such suggestions are more than welcome and will be further encouraged in the run up to the video conferences. The WoSFL website and social media platforms are also being set up.

Issued George Fraser (Chairperson SLFL), John Greenhorn (Chairperson EoSFL), Colin Holden (President SoSFL)