League Structure Update

To All Clubs

Now that Saturday’s deadline has passed, I can confirm that Benburb FC has taken the opportunity to withdraw from competing in the league.

That now leaves us with a Premier Division of 14 clubs. The conferences have 12, 13 and 9 teams. It is not possible to re-balance the conferences without major disruption to the results of the games that have already been played.

My full focus and that of the IMG is now on those 48 clubs that make up the leagues. At present the ‘Fixture List’ is only up to 2nd January 2021.

I shall now work on publishing the remaining fixtures, but before I do so, I will be re-arranging some of the existing games to try to keep as many teams playing as possible each Saturday.

I will try to limit the changes and keep as close as possible to the original. Some changes may however throw up a string of homes or aways, this is unavoidable and, again I hope to keep it to a minimum, but it is better this than having two or more teams sitting idle.

I hope I have your co-operation and understanding with this. Fixture lists have been updated. Can all clubs please check for changes?

Kennie Young
IMG of the PDM Buildbase WoSFL