Information on completion of the leagues.

There appears to be a bit of confusion around our targets for the completion of the Leagues.

I have received some messages regarding this and also seen some online comments and newspaper reports, so for a bit of clarity here’s a bit of information for everyone.

We are not intending to get to 50% and then stop playing. The main aim is to play as many games as the time will allow.
If we can get 100% of the games played then that will be the target, but only if we have the time to fit in all the fixtures.

All games that have already been played will be counted.
This includes cases where teams have met twice (H & A).
The second target is to get as quickly as possible to a point where all teams in each league will have played each other at LEAST once, either at home or away. There will be cases where some teams will be meeting for the second time yet they have still got others to play for the first time. This happens because their first time opponents are already playing someone that they’ve not played, and it is preferable to keep all teams playing where possible rather than have 2 teams sitting idle that could be playing each other.
Kennie Young
Secretary – IMG of WoSFL