Fixtures Update

I have updated the fixture list to include re-scheduled Phase 1 games that were postponed, either through Cup fixtures, Covid postponements or whatever other reasons. I have also added in some Phase 2 games to keep the teams playing where possible.I have listed and published fixtures up to and including November 20th.This was the date needed to close down Phase 1 in the Premier Division.

I have decided against going much further at the moment due to the rising incidents of Covid Postponements coming in.
I know that there will be some runs of home games or away games, but due to the circumstances that is unavoidable.
It will be under constant review and some of those runs might get broken up due to changes to incorporate Cup games and Covid postponements.

I hope I have your understanding and support. I’d also like to take this opportunity to ask if any teams would be interested in a fixture between 18th December and 8th January. There will be no games arranged during this period unless there is requests from clubs for me to arrange any.

Kind Regards
Kennie Young
Fixture Secretary