Club Surveys Returned

We are now in a position to bring you an overview of the results from the survey which was sent out to clubs last week.

The answers submitted by clubs were consistent across both tiers and all conferences. The headlines are:

  • Start date – there was no strong consensus for starting on either 10th or 31st October (both options received 49.1% of the vote)
  • Supporters – the lack of access for supporters is naturally a huge issue for clubs in the WoSFL (70% of clubs would not support a return to action without supporters present)

The online meeting with the Scottish FA on Thursday evening confirmed that they are making a case for financial support to the Scottish Government and the WoSFL are party to that. While this is encouraging, there is no official timetable as yet.

So where does this leave us? We are aware that this opens up more discussion and an email regarding all of the information we are releasing to supporters in this release has gone out to clubs this afternoon.

When we have received the timetable and templates from the Scottish FA, we will pass them onto our member clubs.

In terms of a start date, we have proposed to clubs that the league commence no earlier than Saturday 24th October. This will allow time for any financial package details to become clearer, and will also avoid any complications regarding the SoccerShop Challenge Cup, where we have 13 members clubs competing in Round One.

The Interim Management Group are keenly aware that some huge decisions are looming and we believe it is vital that our clubs are at the heart of that. We will seek to update you again as soon as we have more information.

West of Scotland Football League Interim Management Group