Club Restart Survey Issued

As mentioned on social media and our releases yesterday, each club has now received a link to complete a survey on key issues which may arise during the course of the 2020/21 West of Scotland Football League season.

The idea behind this survey is to ascertain the ability of member clubs to return to play competitive football if and when the Scottish FA/Scottish Government permit us to do so and to provide their opinions on various other key questions throughout the rest of the season.

We believe that supporters should be aware of the kind of questions that the survey asks clubs.

  • Does the club anticipate applying for a SFA National Club Licence by February 2021?
  • What date do you think the league season should start? 10th October or 31st October
  • Would the club support a return to competitive football if spectators are not permitted?
  • If the decision is taken to start the season with no spectators, what would be an acceptable period of time (in weeks) for the club to continue without gate receipts and other associated income?
  • If access to changing rooms is permitted, given the current 2m distancing guidance, is the club able to meet this requirement at their home ground?
  • Do you have access to additional changing facilities, eg. a leisure centre or school that would allow the club to meet these requirements?
  • Are the club’s players willing to return home immediately after matches without access to showering and changing facilities?

The views of all West of Scotland Football League clubs will be taken into consideration and will guide the Interim Management Group in future deliberations to ensure that our season is able to begin safely and that all clubs are in a position to compete.