Club Friendly Advice

Due to ongoing confusion surrounding applications for Friendly Matches, the Interim Management Group have informed all clubs of the following:

  • Apply for the game via the Scottish FA Club Extranet.
  • If your club is the home team inform the WoSFL IMG Secretary and Disciplinary Secretary of the details of the game
  • If your club is the away team, you only need to inform the WoSFL if your club is playing a team that is NOT a member of the WoSFL
  • If the travelling distance between the two clubs is 25 miles or less, that is all you need to do
  • The Referee Department at the Scottish FA will confirm an appointment
  • Please note that this confirmation only covers the appointment of a Referee. If you haven’t followed the above procedure, it will be rejected
  • If the travelling distance between the two clubs is over 25 miles, please inform the WoSFL of the justification for the match and why it should be approved
  • You will be informed if it is not approved and the Referee Department will be advised to remove the game from their list

Please note that under the present circumstances the deadline for an application to the Referee Department is 48 hours before kick-off, so please send approval requests in well before that to allow the WoSFL IMG to discuss it.