Club Ballot Results

We can reveal the results of the ballot issued to all West of Scotland Football League clubs and which was completed late last night.

Total Votes – 67 Clubs.

Question 1
Under the current restrictions, does your club wish to commence playing on 24th October?
Yes, we want to start on Saturday 24th October – 36
No, we do not wish to start on Saturday 24th October – 31

Question 2
Irrelevant due to result of Question 1 (related to a continued pause of season)

Question 3
If the result of the ballot on Question 1 is that we should commence playing on 24th October, does your club wish to withdraw from this season’s league competition?
Yes, we wish to withdraw – 14
No, we will compete in the league – 53

The IMG will now request written confirmation from the 14 Clubs who indicated that they do not wish to participate in this season’s league competition, which they are able to do without penalty. If we do not hear anything from them by 5PM on Sunday 11th October 2020 we will accept that they have withdrawn.

As you can imagine any result was always going to have huge implications for us, but this one means we need to move on with haste. The IMG met via last night around 9PM and initial plans were discussed.

The IMG will continue to meet over the weekend and will inform everyone of our plans ahead of a start date of Saturday 24th October as soon as we can.

Again we thank all clubs and supporters for their patience on this and ask for that patience to continue.

Kennie Young
WoSFL Interim Management Group

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